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    Document management and availability has a name

    PLOCon is the office that I can take anywhere advantage of it, without endless folders to transport. The documents are read in one or more scanners and saved on a central computer at the cloud. Now everybody can access of its documents with safe password. The pros are clear:
    Fast availability
    The normal filing is easier by consistent numbering of all documents. On the monitor, all documents display in a few seconds. If needed, a quick access to all the originals is backed up.

    Reduced staff costs
    The rapid retrieval of the requested documents allows our program through targeted user.

    Simple handling
    Upon receipt of the Post, the individual documents will be scanned, in the Internet program and with a special password protected log on the web.
    Environment-friendly storage
    There are no additional copies needed. So the paper consumption is considerably lower. The paper costs are lower and there will be an active contribution to environmental protection done.

    Maximum Security
    Your data will be published regularly secured on our separate server. Your credentials are stored encrypted with us, so that only you can have the data query. Should you forget your password, you must set a new password, which only by mail will be sent to you.

    Other advantages ...