Paperless Office Concepts


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      • Trouble Ticket System
      • Let us imagine that Mr. Mueller made a request to the system and Mr. Steinhofer answered this in a briefly version. To Mr. Müller this answer is not adequate and he reply to emails after the solution change of shift.But Mr. Steinhofer is just outside the house at this moment, so that Mr. Winkelmann take care of this.
        About the History function of the system, he can access now to all past e-mails from Mr. Mueller and Mr. Steinhofer, read the essence and send a more detailed answer. Mr. Mueller get now the solution to his problem, but he do not know that these is from people of different origin.

      • Hotline
      • Paid 24-hour service. For urgent issues, you have the option at any time, day or night, to call for getting more support. We would be pleased if we can help to solve problems in the best way.

      • Remote
      • As you wish, we will log in your computer system under a maintenance contract and lead to system changes and adjustments.

      • On-site Service
      • Friday afternoon, high operation. Ironically, now the power supply fails of your main office server. Fast, expert help is needed. A phone call away - and straightaway there is a qualified technician from AEK on the way to you, having the problem on the same day out of the world.That is reliable service.